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Value Education at Rainbow Publishers

We, in Rainbow Publishers, take our job of textbook publication seriously. We consider various aspects before we take a final call. And this surely reflects on our products. We value education and we remain committed to our beliefs.

While designing our books, we ponder on many points, discuss every tiny detail. Is the topic current? Is it relevant to the child? Is it to the child’s level of comprehension? Does it teach values? Is it presented in an attractive manner? Is it easy to comprehend? Is there a better way of saying it? Is this too much or too little? Do the pictures/images have clarity? Do the worksheets reinstate the concepts learnt? And the list goes on!

And the end result is that we have designed books that cover all the above points and more.

We have specially designed termwise and semester wise books for the nursery and primary sections which also help in reducing the weight off their bags. They need to carry just this one book in the place of four books.

We have nearly 2000 schools all over Kerala as our esteemed customers who prescribe our books to their students. And we proudly pronounce that we have been in business for more than two decades, a constant presence, always supportive. The testimonials by our schools are ample evidence to our claim. We welcome you all to be a part of our journey. Let us progress together.