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Importance of primary education

The importance of primary education needs no formal introduction. Being the most basic level to shape the mind and skills of a child, education plays an important role right from nursery school. Primary education is a child’s first step into the world of learning. Hence, it plays a crucial role in determining the social, cultural, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills of a child.

Being the basic right of every growing child, education on nursery/primary schooling level must provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for a child. This, in turn, adds to the security, comfort, well-being, and confidence of a child.

In order to meet the educational needs of a child on a nursery level, we must give the children adequate access to good content. With the right teaching aid and textbooks in hand, a child’s growth and learning can be fuelled with every page that has been turned. With proper term wise books, every step of his/her learning journey must be carefully monitored, in order to provide the best of the best, which boosts a child’s mental and physical well-being.